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Section 4: Pedestrian Tracking


Outdoor Pedestrian Tracking

Principle of operation: Foot-mounted IMU
For outdoor use, the IMU is mounted in the heel of the user's boot. This protects the IMU and assures a firm fit of the IMU.


CAL-FIRE Firefighters preparing for a 2-mile hike up the Stone Wall Peak trail near San Diego, CA. Using only the in-heel IMU and magnetometer, the PDR system tracked the hiking firefighters with average position errors of about 0.5% of distance traveled.





Records and transmits the position of a walking person.

Does not require GPS.

Does not require beacons or any other external reference.

Eliminates effect of accelerometer drift with every step.

Does not require user-specific calibration*.

Records and (wirelessly) streams position data in real time.



Click on "Video Clip" button above to see trajectory of a 4-mile/2-hour hike up and down Stone Wall Peak trail in California, using our PDR system's IMU and magnetometer only.

GPS was not used at all.

Average position error during the 2-mile ascent: ~0.5% of distance traveled.

Largest position error during the 2-mile ascent: < 40 meters.



*Requires 25 seconds of standing still and walking in a 360-degree circle prior to any mission.