Video Clips about the Personal Dead-reckoning (PDR) System

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PDR System Testing by Firefighters

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Same clip as above, but

Video (854x480 pixels - 101 MB)
Duration: 12:30 min:sec
Download time: ~1 minute with Broadband


Three days of testing by Firefighters of the San Miguel Fire District, the San Diego Fire Department, and by State of California's CAL-FIRE Department.
(Video courtesy of CCAT San Diego).

HD Video (1280x720 pixels - 354 MB)
Duration: 9:13 min:sec
Download time: ~4 minutes with Broadband


Other video clips

PDR-generated trajectory of a 11-minute walk through a building at the University of Michigan

HD Video (1280x720 pixels - 16 MB)

Download time: a few seconds with Broadband



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