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Section 4: Pedestrian Tracking

General Pedestrian Tracking

Our pedestrian tracking system, also called "Personal Dead-reckoning" (PDR) system, tracks and records or transmits the location of a walking person relative to a known starting position.
The PDR system works by using an Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) mounted to the user's boot. Our innovative algorithms correct the drift of the accelerometers in the IMU with every step, thereby preventing the accumulation of errors.
The PDR system requires no GPS or other beacon or reflector systems that must be preinstalled in the work environment.
This makes the PDR system uniquely suitable for emergency responders or military personnel entering unprepared buildings.

The PDR system does not require any training or matching to the user. It also works with different walking patterns: walking, jogging, stair climbing, even dancing!

When equipped with a high-grade IMU, the  PDR system produces position errors of under 2% of distance traveled for walks of up to 15 minutes.

Accuracy degrades gracefully in longer walks. Above: User's trace recorded with our POS system. User walked down 4-floor spiral staircase, then walked up. During upward trip, user stopped on each floor and walked around the square-shaped corridors.

Left Click here for large photo of spiral staircase and corridors.