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Section 1: Innovative Mobile Robots

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The OmniTread serpentine robot is designed to traverse extremely difficult terrain, such as the rubble of a collapsed building.

The OmniTread can also drive over sand and rocks. It can pass through small holes and climb over tall obstacles.


  • Use of pneumatic bellows for joint actuation. Bellows are powerful, naturally compliant, and take up minimal space.

  • Maximal coverage of all sides of all segments with extra wide moving tracks.

  • Unique pneumatic control method allows simultaneous proportional control of stiffness and joint angles.

  • The "drive shaft spine" is powered by a single electric motor in the center segment. The spine runs through the center of all segments and provides torque to all tracks.

The OmniTread Model OT-8 fits through an 8-inch diameter hole. It weighs 26 pounds.

The OmniTread Model OT-4 fits through a 4-inch diameter hole. It weighs 9 pounds.

The OT-8's little brother, the OT-4, was born in June 2005.

The OT-4 has all the innovative design feature of the OT-8, and in addition:

  • OT-4 is designed to carry onboard electric energy sources for up to 75 minutes of continuous operation.

  • Onboard pneumatic power is  provided by two micro-compressors.

  • Innovative micro-clutches allow selective engagement or disengagement of each individual track, for maximal power savings.


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OmniTread OT-4 Serpentine Robot



OmniTread OT-8 Serpentine Robot