Video Clips of the OmniTread Family of Serpentine Robots


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OT-4 Video Clips
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OmniTread OT-4

This video won the Best Video award at the 2008 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2008)


Clip is 640x480 in size, 30 fps, 3 minutes long. Concise summary of all video clips on this page. MTV-style.

23 MB

  Single Challenges  

OT-4 climbing up curb

OT-4 slipping through hole in wall

OT-4 climbing up and slipping through hole in wall 

OT-4 crossing gap
OT-4 climbing up even higher curb

OT-4 climbing through cinder block

OT-4b climbing up inside vertical pipes (This is our new model. It has all power onboard and runs without tether)

All clips are 640x480 in size, at 30fps. each clip is about 1 minute long.

14 MB

13 MB

13 MB

12 MB

10 MB

   8 MB

 10 MB



  Complex Challenges  

OT-4 climbing up very steep staircase*

OT-4 Crossing the Parallel Bars obstacle course*

*Motion strategies for Complex Challenges developed by William R. Hutchison, Ph.D., based on his patented "7G" Intelligent Agent Technology.


All clips are 640x480 in size, at 30fps. Clips are 1-2 minutes long.

16 MB

12 MB


  Formal Testing at SwRI, Round 2  
OT-4 climbing into and through an inverted-'J' pipe
OT-4 climbing up and though hole with sharp edges
OT-4 crossing a challenging rockbed
*Although edited for brevity, all clips were videotaped during complete and fully successful traverses of the shown obstacles

All clips are 640x480 in size, at 30fps and about ~2 minutes long.

14 MB
16 MB
20 MB

  Narrated Video Clips  
Best of OT-8 and OT-4 - 8-minute compilation of our best clips, with narration


69 MB

OT-4 on WGN-TV Chicago, Sept. 27, 2005

14 MB


Thumbnail The OT-4's Predecessor: OmniTread OT-8 Size

OmniTread OT-8
This clip is 320x240 in size, at 30fps. Duration ~7 minutes.

38 MB

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