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Section 4: Pedestrian Tracking


Indoor Segway Tracking

Heuristics-enhanced Odometry (HEO) eliminates odometry heading errors when used indoors, in structured environments.

Does not require any sensors other than wheel encoders for odometry.

Does not require beacons or any other external reference.

Works in real time, requires only 20-30 lines of C code.

Provides near-zero heading errors in drives of unlimited duration and distance*.

Provides position error <1% of distance traveled*.

*These specs apply only to purposeful driving from A to B inside buildings. Prolonged activities like turning in circles or playing Segway Polo will cause large odometry errors.


15-minute Segway ride with a total travel distance of 1,800 m (1.12 miles).
(a) With odometry only, the average position error was 16.3 m. (b) With HEO, the average position error was 1.0 m.

For detailed experimental results, click here.