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Section 3: Mobile Robot Positioning

Precision Indoor Tracking of Tele-operated UGVs

To facilitate tele-operation of UGVs by providing tele-operator a GPS-like visual trajectory when UGV is driven inside buildings.
Principle of operation:
–Uses low-cost gyro together with UGV’s built-in odometry.
–Uses our patent-pending Heuristics Drift Elimination (HDE) method to eliminate effects of all gyro errors, including gyro drift.
–Does not require GPS, RF beacons, or fiducials.
–Zero heading errors in runs of unlimited duration!*
–Average position errors <1% of distance traveled!*
Above: Trajectory of a 20-minute tracked robot drive through a university building. HDE eliminates all heading errors. Final position error: <1 m (0.07% of distance traveled).

Left: Exact same run as above, but without our HDE method.

* Only when used inside buildings and at steady state.